Exterior Change Request

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This form may be completed and submitted completely electronically.

Please check the HOA rules and regulations before submitting an exterior change request to ensure you have all the required information.  Exterior change requests take approximately 5-7 business days to process once the HOA has been given all the required information.

Your Information

(Describe the change request.)

(Please attach any drawing/specifics you may have so the Board of Directors may review your application in detail.) 4MB Max. jpg/gif/pdf/doc

Contractor Information

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PLEASE NOTE: If applicable, you must provide the Association with a Certificate of Insurance from your contractor and a copy of your permit(s) PRIOR to the commencement of work being performed by a contractor. All work is to be completed within a six (6) month period.

I understand that the approval of this project does not waive the necessity to obtain township permits or comply with applicable building or zoning codes and that failure to obtain the necessary permit(s) will automatically void this approval, if granted.

If this request is authorized and installed, the above described is the sole property of the unit owner requesting the approval. By executing this form, I accept full responsibility for its maintenance and good repair and certify that all work will be done by qualified personnel.

By submitting this request, I understand that no work may commence on this request until receipt of written approval from the Board of Directors has been received.

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