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The current rules and regulations of the HOA (located under “governing documents” on website) restrict parking to certain areas as follows:

  • Parking anywhere Beacon Drive, Braddock Lane, Pennsbury Lane or Rittenhouse Drive (“street”) is expressly prohibited.
  • Tow trucks routinely drive through the development and are authorized to tow any vehicle in violation without warning
  • Parking on grass or any common area is expressly prohibited and subject to towing
  • Parking is permitted in designated parking areas only (i.e. driveways, garages and stripped overflow parking spaces).
  • Vehicles may park behind another vehicle in unit owner’s driveway but no part of the vehicle may physically touch the asphalt of any street within the development
  • Recreational vehicles, including but not limited to, boats, trailers, RV’s campers, and mobile homes are not permitted unless stored in garages.
  • No commercial vehicles (e.g., bobcats, plows, etc) are permitted to be parked overnight in the community unless parked in a homeowner’s garage or driveway. A which would typically be used for personal use (e.g., pickup truck or minivan) but simply has an advertising logo is not considered a commercial vehicle for purposes of these rules
  • Small hitch trailers (no larger than the parking space) may be parked in overflow lots to provide unit owners the opportunity to perform home improvements or in preparation to move but must also be moved within 72 hours
  • Vehicles may not be left in overflow parking areas for more than 72 consecutive hours including weekends
  • Vehicles parked in overflow lots must have license plates, current inspection stickers and must not have any flat tires
  • Vehicles left in the overflow parking areas for more than 72 consecutive hours may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Owners are responsible for their guests, families and/or vendors.  The homeowner may also be fined $20.00 for each instance that a vehicle of theirs, their guest or vendor is found in an area not designated for parking.
  • Vehicles may offload for no longer than 15 minutes and flashers/hazards must be ON when offloading).  Any vehicle with hazards on in street will be timed.

At the September 11, 2007 Meeting, the Board of Directors executed and ratified a Towing Resolution authorizing the Rittenhouse at Locust Grove HOA to tow any vehicle parked in an area which the HOA has not designated for parking (including but not limited to: all streets, grass, common areas, overflow parking lots and another owner’s driveway space if parked without unit owner’s permission). Such towing would be at the sole expense and responsibility of the vehicle owner.

The following towing provider has authority to tow any vehicle in an area not designated for parking by the HOA

B&C Services of Westville

2030a County House Road

Deptford, NJ 08096



It should be noted that homeowners may utilize any stripped overflow parking space at their discretion.   As long as a vehicle moves within 72 consecutive hours from the overflow area, it is not considered in violation even if the vehicle moves and returns to the same overflow area later that day.

We also ask residents to be courteous and mindful of your neighbors when utilizing the overflow lots. Unfortunately, we have often found that many of the cars parked in overflow are residents who have an empty driveway or who have chosen to use their garage for something other than parking their car. Accordingly, we ask that you be courteous of other residents when deciding to park in overflow and utilize your driveway and garage to the fullest extend possible.

Locust Grove Boulevard is not owned or maintained by Rittenhouse at Locust Grove.  Any resident may utilize Locust Grove Boulevard for parking.  Parking is available on the same side of the boulevard as the development.

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