Exterior Paint Colors

Pursuant to the Rittenhouse at Locust Grove HOA Rules and Regulations, homeowners are responsible for maintaining the exterior trim of all exterior doors, shutters, molding and/or trim of house. Such maintenance includes any necessary repainting due to fading, cracking or chipping.

Paint of the doors and shutters must remain the identical color as originally painted by the builder. All other trim and molding must be exterior white.

There are currently five sets of door colors within the community: Blue, Green, Gray, Burgundy and Brown. Each door was painted with an MAB paint color as identified below.

Door Color MAB Paint Name MAB Paint Number
Blue  Rainstorm SW 6230
Green Woodland Fern 97557N
Grey Grizzle Gray SW 7068
Burgundy Bradberry 436
Brown English Brown 714

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