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Rittenhouse at Locust Grove Homeowner’s Association assessments are due on an annual basis. The Association permits the annual assessment to be divided among the calendar year and paid on a monthly basis.


Assessments are set annually and due on the 1st of each Month.  A letter is sent via email to all homeowners each December 1 advising of the annual assessment for the upcoming year.

The monthly dues for 2023 are $135.00.


Effective January 1, 2022, the HOA will NO LONGER ACCEPT CHECKS (whether hand-written or through online banking) or any other type of mail-in payment such as money orders from its residents.  Payments will only be accepted via ClickPay



ClickPay is the free when debiting from your checking or savings accounts.  A nominal charge applies when making payments from a credit card.  You may set up auto-pay or make one time payments each month.  If you choose auto-pay, please chose the “pay in full option” to ensure you are always paying the correct amount. You may also pay your account ahead by making the annual payment amount due.  This payment will appear as a credit until it has been applied in it’s entirety.

You may create an account with ClickPay by registering at www.Clickpay.com/FirstService.You will need your individual account number to register.  Your account number was included with the settlement documents you received.  You may also contact the HOA at board@rittenhousehoa.com for your account number.

The attached flyer will assist you in setting up your account.


Clickpay flyer



A late fee of $35.00 will assessed to the homeowner’s account for any assessment which is not postmarked by the 15th of the month in which the assessment was due. Late fees will continue to be assessed every month in which any given assessment, portion thereof, special assessment, fine or late fee has not been paid in full.  Interest will also accrue on unpaid balances.



A fee of $38.50 is assessed to any homeowner who stops payment on any payment made to the HOA even if the account has a zero balance or is otherwise current.  This fee is charged to the HOA immediately upon your request.  As such, we cannot waive or remove it.


Assessments are subject to possible increase annually. If you are unsure of the current fee schedule, please email us at board@rittenhousehoa.com.

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