Trash & Recycling Information 

Trash / Waste Receptacles
Residents should be mindful of the following Rittenhouse HOA rules regarding Trash:

  • Trash and recycling receptacles may not be stored or kept outside the residence.
    Homeowners may not place trash out on the curb before 6p.m. the evening prior to Township pickup for any reason Homeowners shall remove all receptacles and/or trash that has not been removed by the Township from the curb the same date of scheduled pickup.
  • Trash and Recycle pick up is provided to Residents of Rittenhouse at Locust Grove by Deptford Township every Monday. Republic Services of New Jersey is currently the company that pick up trash and recycling.

Recycle Information
Residents are now able to put all their recyclables including paper and cardboard in one container for weekly curbside collection. Single stream recycling allows residents to commingle glass, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, paper, etc.). New containers (“Toters”) for this purpose are provided to residents free of charge. If you do not have a Toter for recycling, please contact GCIA/Office of Recycling at 856-478-6045 Ext. 14.

Examples of Acceptable Recycling Materials
Junk Mail, Catalogs/Magazines, Telephone Books, Envelopes, Office paper, Newspaper, Cereal boxes, Chipboards boxes, Cardboard, Gift boxes, Paper bags, Clear glass bottles, Brown glass bottles, Plastic milk jugs, Plastic soda jugs, Plastic laundry jugs, Plastic Water Bottles, Aluminum cans, Tin Cans

Examples of Unacceptable Recycling Materials
Flammable liquids, Solvents, Hazardous Material, Ceramics, Paints, Tires, Shingles, Construction Debris, Motor Oils, Leaves, Grass/Yard, Debris, Concrete, Dirt/Sod, Light Bulbs, Antifreeze, Pizza Boxes.

Yardwaste is picked up for residents of Rittenhouse at Locust Grove every Tuesday (e.g., the day after trash pickup).

Rittenhouse at Locust Grove
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